Autumn and winter three rule of law insomnia

Autumn and winter three rule of law insomnia

A survey of sleep initiated in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places showed that 45% of the more than 10,000 respondents had sleep disorders (difficulty falling asleep, waking up early, etc.).

Experts pointed out that after the fall, the light is reduced, everything is depressed, people are prone to depression, and autumn and winter are more likely to become “insomnia season.”

How can I have a good night’s sleep?


hzh {display: none; }  心理疗法:  学会“轻视”失眠  据了解,睡眠障碍包括:失眠———入睡难、保持睡眠难;睡眠过多———白天过多地睡眠;睡眠异常———Wrong time sleep, abnormal sleep-wake rhythm, abnormal behavior during sleep.

“Long-term lack of sleep, the brain can not get enough rest, there will be headaches, dizziness, memory loss, loss of appetite and so on.

Huang Yingjie, deputy director of the Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion at Guangzhou Chinese Medicine Hospital, said that in addition to premature aging, insomnia can damage the body’s immunity and cause disease.

  ”Insomnia has a common characteristics, sensitive personality, suspicious, lack of self-confidence, perfectionism, and easy to worry.

Therefore, Huang Yingjie’s suggestion to these people is: Don’t take it seriously if you fall asleep.

“Sleep is also the natural reaction of the human body. If you are sleepy, you want to sleep. Don’t control it artificially. The more you don’t think about it, the more you think about it and you can’t stop.

You should adopt a natural attitude, and perhaps you can fall asleep naturally.

“Weight, he reminds the “posture” after going to bed is also very important: “Place your limbs in the position you think is most comfortable, with your eyes half closed, gently breathing, let your muscles relax, or let yourself yawn gentlyThen imagine a very quiet environment, so that you will soon fall asleep.

If you feel that your brain is particularly awake and you are not sleepy, then simply get up and work until you feel tired, then turn off the lights and go to bed.

If you wake up in the middle of the night, don’t turn on the light to watch the table, you can relax in bed.

“Behavioral therapy: morning and evening dental caries, soaking feet before going to bed” Do not drink strong tea or coffee before going to bed; stop brain activity for half an hour before going to bed, and ban smoking, including secondhand smoke.

Therefore, if there are smokers in the family, they should be considerate and caring for family members who are insomnia.

“Ying Yingjie’s tricks, for some patients with long-term sleep disorders, even before going to sleep every day and waking up after the implementation of the “caries method” — no need to remove distracting, body relaxation, lips lightly closed, then the upper and lower teeth are rhythmically light to each otherSlamming 36 times, you can swallow after saliva, insist on doing it every day, and the sleep state will improve.

  He is outstanding. Bathing his feet before going to bed is also a good way to treat insomnia. If you massage your feet while soaking your feet, the effect will be better.

“Focus the feet with warm water for 10 to 15 minutes, while soaking the foot of the Yongquan point, Sanyinjiao point, Taixi point, Taichong point, will sleep more fragrant.”

  Huang Yingjie suggested sleeping at 10:00 to 11:00 in the evening and sleeping for 8 hours.

而对于很多人认为最舒适的早晨“回笼觉”,黄应杰却指出“不可取”,“除了老人睡醒后可适当在床上休息几分钟,一般人醒来后不可赖床,更不要睡‘回笼觉’,这对健康没有必要。If you add supplemental energy, you can take a half-hour to one-hour break after lunch.

“Food therapy: Eat well and sleep in the autumn is a lung gold, the main collection.

Dr. Huang Yingjie suggested eating less spicy food and eating more sour and sweet fruits and vegetables.

Autumn dry, in the diet should choose more sweet and cold moist products, such as grapes, autumn pears, apples, ducks, chicken, fungus, etc., to lungs and fluid, nourishing Yin and dry.

The following treatments for insomnia soup may be selected — 1, jujube wheat tea (suitable for severe insomnia, more dreamers) 20 grams of jujube kernels, 30 grams of wheat (one serving), add water to fry when tea.

Sometimes the restlessness is the cause of insomnia, which may be caused by insufficient serotonin in the brain. At this time, you can drink a cup of hot sugar water, drink the sugar water to produce a lot of serotonin, inhibit the excitability of the brain epithelial layer and help sleep.

  2, lotus seed lily jujube tea (suitable for mild sleep disorders) 50 grams of lotus seeds, 20 grams of lily, 20 grams of red dates.

Lotus seeds do not go to the core, red dates go nuclear.

Jujube nucleus is dry, dry can produce fire, and lotus seed core can ventilate.

The tea is not treated by heart and kidney.

  3, Chuanbei stewed rock sugar Sydney pear (suitable for insomnia and dry mouth) Sydney one, Sichuan Fritillaria 5 grams.

Sydney is cool and cool, if you are diabetic, don’t add rock sugar.

  4, mulberry parasitic tea (suitable for elderly sleep disorders) 30 grams of mulberry parasitic, can add eggs as needed, such as blood deficiency can add red dates, longan.

  5, Ophiopogon chinensis tea (suitable for insomnia, dry mouth and lack of energy) 30 grams of Ophiopogon japonicus, 5 grams of Schisandra, Jianshui tea, if you want to add white ginseng or red ginseng, you must drink during the day.

  ”I can’t sleep” is also sick and sleepy. I always sleep in the morning. Many people think that it is because the work is too tired during the day, or it is too late to sleep at night.

However, even if I went to bed in advance, I couldn’t get up the next day and I was faint all day.

If this happens, don’t be careless. It is best to see a doctor.Because this is a pathological “lazy”.

Most of the disease originated in the youth, the most common symptoms are daytime sleepiness, regardless of time, location, sleepy, personal personality, listening to reports and even talking about love will yawn.

After sleeping for about 20 minutes, wake up and everything works fine, but it may happen again in a few hours.

What are the four types of food that the elderly can help after fracture?

What are the four types of food that the elderly can help after fracture?

In the case of fractures in the elderly with vitamin C, in addition to paying more attention to rest, you should also add more foods containing vitamin C.

It can help restore the bones of the elderly. Many foods in life are rich in vitamin C, such as hawthorn, fresh dates, kiwi, strawberry, longan, lychee, citrus and so on.

In terms of vegetables, there are peppers, sweet peppers, canola meal, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, etc., which are rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin D Vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium.

After the fracture of the elderly, it is not always possible to recuperate indoors, which is not conducive to bone recovery.

If you do not get the sun, it will easily lead to the lack of vitamin D in the elderly.

For the elderly, not only do you need to get more sun to supplement vitamin D after the fracture, but also try to eat more foods rich in vitamin D, such as fish, liver, egg yolk and so on.

Pay attention to the problem of supplementing protein and energy in the face of fractures in the elderly. High-energy and high-protein diets are also essential. These diets help the elderly recover.

However, it should be noted that this type of diet is only suitable for elderly people who have suffered fractures for two weeks. In the early stage of fracture, the diet is best based on lightness.

Trace elements should not be less than some trace elements after the fracture of the elderly, it can effectively help the bone recovery of the elderly.

Many foods are suitable for ingestion, some like animal liver, seafood, soy beans, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, etc. These foods are rich in zinc.

In animal livers, eggs, beans, green leafy vegetables, wheat flour and other foods, it is rich in iron.

Oatmeal, mustard greens, egg yolks, and manganese in the cheese.

Rejuvenation recipe

Rejuvenation recipe

Drinking and hurting, then drunk is more likely to hurt the body.

Let’s not talk about health problems. After being drunk, people are not awake. It is easy to cause violent emotions, so waking up is the top priority.

The following introduces the various Chinese medicine remedies (1) vinegar hangover with vinegar to burn a bowl of sour soup, served.

1 small cup of vinegar (20?
25 亳)), slowly served.

Vinegar and white sugar dipped in radish (1 bowl), eat clothes.

The heart of Chinese cabbage (1 bowl) with vinegar and white sugar infiltrated, eat clothes.

2 succulent eggs infiltrated with vinegar, eat clothes.

50 grams of vinegar, 25 grams of brown sugar, 3 slices of ginger, Jianshui clothes.

Vinegar can be hangover, mainly because of the alcohol in the wine and the acid in the vinegar. It is digested and absorbed at the foot of the body. It meets in the body of the human body and reacts with vinegar to reduce the concentration of ethanol, thus reducing the toxicity of alcohol.

  (2) Tofu should be seasoned with tofu as a wine when it is hangover.

Because the cysteine in tofu is a major amino acid, it can dissolve the aldehyde poison, and it can be quickly discharged after eating.

  (3) “Wake up the tea” hangover According to reports, the Lin’an County Institute of Physics and Chemistry in Hangzhou developed a kind of sobering spirit-“hanging tea” based on the secret recipe of Tang Dynasty’s “Wake Up Soup”, which is a headache, dizziness andSymptoms such as physical discomfort have a good effect.

  (4) Candy hangover Hebei Province produces a hangover candy, which can be hangover after a few drunks.

  (5) Jujube Pueraria root hangover sour jujube, Gehuagen each 10?
15 grams, together with decoction, has a good hangover, cool, diuretic effect.

  (6) Mung bean, red bean, black bean hangover, 3 kinds of beans, 50 grams each, plus 15 grams of licorice, boiled, beans, soup together, can refresh the hangover, filter alcoholism.

  (7) Raw egg white, fresh milk, frosted persimmon cake hangover will be fried in three soups, can be thirsty, heat, and drunk.

  (8) 10 grams of Gehua hangover Pueraria, Shuijianbi, hangover effect is very good.

  (9) Sugar tea grinding wine sugar tea water can dilute the blood alcohol concentration and accelerate excretion, this is a very common hangover recipe.

  (10) celery hangover celery squeezed juice, can go to the headache after drunk, brain swelling and facial flushing.

  (11) Mung bean hangover mung bean amount, wash with warm water, smashed bar, boiled water or boiled soup.

  (12) Sugar cane hangover 1 sugar cane, peeled, juiced suit.

  (13) Excessive consumption of salt and hangover, pleural uncomfortable.

You can add some salt in the boiled water, drink it, and immediately wake up.

  (14) Citrus peel hangover The citrus peel is toasted, and the salt is added.

5 grams, cook soup.

  (15) 1 ounce of white radish hangover white radish, smashed into mud to take juice, divided into 1 serving.

You can also add brown sugar to the white radish juice.

Also can eat raw radish, this hangover recipe is also very good.

  (16) Fresh orange hangover fresh orange (fresh orange also) 3?
5, juice drink, or food service.

  (17) Olive (green fruit) liqueur olives 10, take the meat decoction.

  (18) sweet potato hangover will be raw sweet potato minced, add sugar to the right amount of mixing.

  (19) Fresh 藕 藕 藕 藕 fresh washed, 捣 捣 into mud, take juice drink.

  (20) Pear hangover, pear or squeezed pear juice.

For those who are drunk, if you can’t solve the hangover by using the above method, you can use a clean bottle of chicken hair to gently rub the throat or insert it into the throat by hand, and replace the alcohol left in the stomach to make the drunk.Relief.

If it still has no effect, you should seek medical advice.
  Although it is useful to hang out the recipe, it is recommended to drink less.

Dinner is full of eight diseases

Dinner is full of eight diseases

Office workers have more problems with dinner, not on time, too full, too greasy, etc., but do not know that dinner habits are not good, easy to attract disease!

  Disease 1: When the high blood pressure dinner is too full, the excess is converted into synthetic feces, stored in the body, and transformed into fat.

  Response: The teleportation control of dinner is within 30% of the total transient throughout the day.

  Disease 2: Diabetes inflammation when eating too much, plus too much drinking, easy to cause acute pneumonia, making people sleep in sleep.

  Disease 3: When the stone dinner is too full, the urine produced after the meal will be stored in the urinary tract during sleep, and it can not be excreted in time. The calcium content of the urine in the urinary tract increases, and the urinary calculi form for a long time.

  Disease 4: Intestinal cancer If most of the day’s food is eaten at dinner, these substances will produce harmful substances under the action of anaerobic bacteria in the intestines.

The harmful substances produced will increase the burden on the liver and kidney and the toxic stimulation to the brain. In addition, the peristalsis during sleep will decrease, prolonging the residence time of harmful substances in the intestine and easily leading to intestinal cancer.

  Disease 5: Coronary heart disease dinner is too full, can cause blood stasis increased.

Excessive hypertension accumulates in the arterial wall and becomes a major cause of arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

  Disease 6: Diabetes If middle-aged people have a long-term dinner, the recurrent retinal islands are secreted in large amounts, and diabetes often occurs.

  Disease 7: Excessive consumption of meat in high blood pressure dinner will not only increase the burden on the stomach, but also increase the blood pressure. In addition, when the person sleeps, the blood flow rate is greatly slowed down, and a large amount of blood lipids will deposit on the blood vessel wall to cause atherosclerosis.

According to scientific experiments, people who eat too much meat for dinner are generally 2 times higher than those who regularly eat vegetarian food.
3 times, people with high blood pressure, obesity, if they love to eat for dinner, the harm is even greater.

  Disease 8: When the dream dinner is too full, the inflated stomach will cause pressure on the surrounding organs, causing cells in certain parts of the brain to move, causing various dreams.

Nightmares make people fatigue, and in the long run, they can cause neurasthenia and other diseases.

  Tips: Sitting in front of the computer, act quickly, and control the amount of dinner on the plate every day, it will benefit for a lifetime!

Life is not organized?

Give yourself 7 days

Life is not organized?
Give yourself 7 days

Monday: Email.

Create folders for contacts, projects, meetings, etc., and categorize the mails.

Unused mail is firmly removed.

  Tuesday: kitchen.

Put long-term unused cutlery into the carton; throw out the expired food and put it in a conspicuous position.

Flour, cereal, sugar, etc. are placed in a transparent container.

  Wednesday: the entrance hall closet.

Clothes and shoes are placed in categories; pay attention to adjusting the contents at any time according to the season. When the weather is warm, put the sweaters in the storage box.

  Thursday: glove cabinet.

The towels and bath towels are divided into different shelves, and the sheets and bedspreads should also be separated.

Hair dryers, irons, curlers, etc. are placed in a grid, and cosmetics are placed in another grid.

  Friday: Medicine cabinet.

Throw out expired medicines and cosmetics that have not been used in the past three months.

  Saturday: Organize the whole family to clean up.

A monthly or monthly family cleaning plan should be developed, and everyone should perform their duties.

  Sunday: Enjoy.

Arrange for yourself to do things, music, flip through books or magazines, watch movies, go to a newly opened restaurant, and chat with old friends.

In short, you should relax this day and prepare for the next week’s work.

Elderly longevity to do simple Jianfei Yishou exercise

Elderly longevity to do simple Jianfei Yishou exercise

Vital capacity is an important indicator of the physical fitness of normal people and the detection of vital signs.

Studies have shown that elderly people of the same age have increased lung capacity, and the healthier their bodies, the longer their lifespan.

  The elderly have the characteristics of gradual weakening of physiological functions, decreased activity, and decreased lung function. Relevant sports health experts believe that in addition to moderate exercise, the lung capacity of the elderly can be improved, and thoracic traction and extrusion are often performed to promote gas exchange.Effectively increase the lung capacity of the elderly.

  It can improve the lung function of normal people and promote the recovery of chronic lung diseases such as bronchitis and emphysema.


The contour is gradually reduced and sagging up and down, and the feet are separated by the same shoulder width.

Inhale, both hands slowly extend upwards on the side of the body, try to expand the thorax, and raise your head and chest, and restore when you exhale.


The swivel chest is in the same position as above.

Inhale, the upper body slowly rotates to the right rear, and the right arm is lifted sideways and squeezed to the right.

Then push your left hand flat on the left chest and push the chest to the right while exhaling.

When turning to the left, the action is the same and the direction is opposite.


Sitting cross-breasted, the feet naturally step on the ground.

Inhale deeply, then slowly exhale, while the arms are crossed and hugged on the chest, the upper body leans forward and regains when exhaled.


Both hands squeeze the chest position as above.

Place your hands on both sides of the cheekbones, inhale deeply, then slowly exhale. At the same time, squeeze the cheekbones with both hands, lean forward, and restore when inhaling.


Hold one knee and squeeze the chest position as above.

Inhale deeply, then exhale slowly. At the same time, lift up and down the lower limbs, hold the calves with both hands, squeeze to squeeze, inhale when inhaling, alternately alternate.


Hold your knees and press your chest upright and your feet together.

Inhale deeply, then slowly exhale, while kneeling down, knees with both hands, thighs squeeze the abdomen and thorax to help remove the gas remaining in the lungs, and reduce when inhaling.

  Note: 1.

The above “breathing lung exercises” can be done in turn, repeating 5 each time?
8 times; old and infirm, you can choose two or three of them, repeat 10 each time?
15 times.

Do 2 per day?
3 times.


When doing exercises, abdominal breathing is the main method, requiring deep inhalation, try to suck more; exhale slowly, try to exhale, and when doing each movement, keep the posture for a few seconds, and then do the next action.

Convulsion health

Convulsion health

Nowadays, it is horrified (March 6th – 20th). The thrilling solar terms are in the midst of cold and warmth. According to the forecast of the cold weather, the proverbs of the late weather are: “cold horror, warm spring equinox”.

The horrified wind also has a basis for predicting the weather, such as “stunning north wind, winter from the beginning, stunned south wind, and seedlings late.”

  ”The wind is the main force of this solar terms. At this time, the wind and evil are the most rampant, and it will drive all kinds of diseases everywhere.

If you don’t pay attention, the germs will invade the human body, avoiding the wind, such as avoiding the sword, avoiding the wind and evil, and keeping warm is still something that this festival should do.

Senior dietitian Wang Xiaoshu told reporters in an interview.

  From the point of view of popular health, the horrifying diet should be based on warm hair, while taking care of the spleen and the wind, replacing ingredients such as: beef, clams, squid, celery, walnuts, black beans, onions, pumpkins and potatoes., honey, jujube, yam, onion ginger and garlic.

  There is still some cold in the spring morning. In order to resist the cold and prevent colds, you can drink a bowl of brown sugar ginger water when you go out.

On a daily basis, the public can also perform meridian massage on their own, such as: large intestine, gallbladder (wind tooth, wind city), three Jiaojing (hurricane, ear door), regular massage can prevent evil winds and resistance to pathogens.

  Although health care is popular, Chinese medicine believes that due to differences in personal physique, people of different physiques have slightly different health at the same time.

Xu Zhong, the director of the Chinese Medicine Hospital, said: “Yin deficiency, yang deficiency, damp heat and blood stasis constitution should be supplemented according to their own characteristics.

“Inflammation in the life of yin deficiency, will show the heat of the palms of the hands, dry mouth, thirst, dry tongue, dry cough, innocent, dry, yellow urine.

This is the yin and anger, and the fire is disturbing the gods. It should follow the “additional emptiness, spiritual self-defense” health law, strengthen self-cultivation, and develop a calm, calm habit.

Less participation in the recreational activities and temperate life.

  Diet and care to pay attention to Yin Yin Qianyang, eat more light food, such as: lily, sand ginseng 20 grams of water decoction.

White radish peeled when the fruit is eaten, is a good choice.

  Physical exercise should not be activated, focusing on nourishing liver and kidney. Taijiquan is a suitable sport.

  The yin deficiency of life outside the cold, will show chills, pale complexion, limbs are not warm, urine is long, thin stools.

People with yang deficiency should be good at adjusting their emotions, listening to music and making more friends.

  Eat and eat more aphrodisiac foods, such as: lamb, dog, chicken, venison and so on.

According to the principle of “spring and summer Yangyang”, you can add dried ginger, cumin, star anise and so on when cooking.

  Physical exercise can take walks, jogging, Tai Chi, Wu Qin Xiu and other projects, sunbathing, air bath is a strong way to protect the sun.

  The blood stasis physique is fuzzy and stagnate, the lips are dark and purple, the tongue has stagnant spots or ecchymoses, and there is a lack of tiredness to cultivate optimistic emotional intensity.

The spirit is pleasant, the blood is smooth, and the normal operation of the meridian qi and blood is beneficial to the change of blood stasis constitution.

On the contrary, depression, depression will increase the tendency of blood stasis.

  Eat foods that have the effect of promoting blood circulation and stasis, such as: peach kernel, black bean, rapeseed, sage, vinegar, etc., often cook some hawthorn porridge and peanut porridge.

You can also choose some blood-activating drugs (Angelica, Chuanxiong, Salvia, Rehmannia, Mantle, Wujiapi) and meat soup.

You can also choose Panax notoginseng powder every day, take 3-5 grams per day and take it for 1-2 weeks.

  During physical exercise, you should do more activities that are beneficial to the heart and blood, such as: social dance, Tai Chi, health massage, etc., which can make all parts of the body active and help the blood to run.

  The people with damp heat are hot and turbid, sticky and easy to heat. They usually show headaches such as wraps, heavy limbs, bitter mouth, yellow greasy tongue coating, dull and full stomach, nausea and anorexia, thin stools and short urine.

  For food, eat some aromatic vegetables, such as coriander, schizonepeta, musk, etc., but these dishes are also wet, can not eat too much, you can eat these dishes as a side dish to remove moisture.

There are also bean sprouts, mung bean sprouts, melon, papaya, and yam. These dishes can be eaten as main dishes and have a beneficial effect on moisture.

The ingredients such as ginger, anise, cinnamon and other spices have the effects of removing cold, dehumidifying, sweating, etc., and putting a little warming and dehumidifying effect when cooking every day.

  Winter melon, red bean, ribs, soup, heat, dampness.

50 grams of glutinous rice, porridge can be wet.

White radish is peeled and eaten raw, and has the effect of dehumidifying and diuretic.

  The wet and hot body is characterized by wet turbidity and yang, which is the main feature of the body. It is suitable for high-intensity, high-volume exercise, such as middle and long distance running, swimming, climbing, various balls, martial arts, etc.

This can consume excess water in the body, excrete excess water, and achieve the purpose of heat and dehumidification.

Combine fitness strength exercises with middle and long distance running exercises. Fitness strength exercises using the barbell dumbbell load method require exercise under the guidance of a gym instructor.

Old people nap varies from person to person

Old people nap varies from person to person

Many elderly people take naps as a way to maintain their health, but recently there have been reports that some elderly people should not take a nap.

According to Israeli researchers, after investigating 455 elderly people for 6 years, the mortality rate of those who used to have a nap was 20% among the 75 elderly people who died during this period. The mortality of the nap was significantly increased due to factors such as diseases.
The researchers believe that when people are sleeping, their heart rate and blood pressure will decrease, and they will wake up and recover. This change may increase the risk of vascular damage.

Does this argument make sense?

Is it true that many people’s long-term nap habits really need to be changed?

  The Cardiopulmonary Center and Prof. Qi Bin of the Beijing Military Region General Hospital believe that this investigation should be verified as a guiding medical conclusion.

Some old people have become a habit of taking a nap for many years. If you want to change this habit and disrupt the biological clock, it will not be good for health.

When a person is sleeping, the heart rate is relatively slow, the cerebral blood flow is small, and the brain cell excitability is lowered, but it does not mean that the brain is completely closed.

Some people think that when the nap is prone to temporary brain insufficiency, causing autonomic dysfunction, so wake up in the afternoon will appear dizziness, headache and so on.

In fact, there is no necessary connection between the temporary blood supply to the brain and autonomic dysfunction. The circulatory system is in a low-power state during nap, which may cause an environment for the onset of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, but for healthy elderly people.Will have no effect.

  For people with serious obstacles in the blood circulation system, especially those with dizziness and dizziness due to narrowing of blood vessels in the brain, and professors believe that the most important thing they need to solve is not a nap problem, or even a fundamental treatment of the disease.
There are many causes of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as climate, mood, diet, and sleep.

Sleep is only one of the incentives, and the first few factors should be paid more attention.

  Whether the elderly need a nap, it will vary from person to person.

If you feel tired and tired at noon and want to take a break, you don’t have to stay hard to sleep.

Sleep can reduce the consumption of oxygen and make the spirit strong.

However, if some elderly people are not sleepy at noon or have no nap habits, they do not have to take a nap.

Abstract one sentence: let it be natural.

Creating a happy kitchen, safety is the most important

Creating a happy kitchen, safety is the most important

To purchase the range hood, pay attention to the installation of the exhaust pipe. In addition to the aesthetics, care should be taken to avoid excessive bending of the pipe, because it will affect the effect of the range hood sucking and fume, which may cause danger.

  The kitchen is one of the most important places in the family.

  With a beautiful kitchen, you can have a good mood to make delicious meals. It is even warmer with a gourmet family.

Then, what aspects of kitchen decoration need to pay attention to, how to buy kitchen utensils?

  The reporter visited the market and businesses related to the kitchen in Shaoxing and asked them to talk about the experience of creating a beautiful kitchen.

  The purchase of cabinets has gradually increased the demand for kitchen decoration through the public, and more and more citizens are purchasing or customizing the whole cabinets.

  The designer of Olin’s cabinet told reporters that the three most popular styles in the existing overall cabinet market: classical style, minimalist style and modern classic style.

The classical style is the original color of pure wood instead of all kinds of classical lines and glass carvings. The antiques are not out of fashion, making the cabinets full of aristocratic temperament; the minimalist style uses the simplest lines and colors to make the kitchen life more comfortable; modern classicsThe style is between classical and simple, focusing on the details of the polishing, showing personality.

  At present, the price of the whole cabinet on the market ranges from 2,000 yuan to more than 10,000 yuan.

The good kitchen cabinet operators in Fubon Makailong said that the custom-made cabinets are different in price due to the different materials of the door panels and countertops. The price per square meter ranges from 400 yuan to more than 1400 yuan.

Please decorate the woodwork to make the overall frame inside the cabinet, and choose the cabinet door and other related materials, which will save about 30% of the cost of purchasing the finished cabinet.

  Purchase reminder: Be sure to pay attention to the size of the home appliances that are put into the cabinet to avoid the mismatch between the size of the purchased home appliances and the cabinet.

Consider the size of the support feet of refrigerators, washing machines, etc., and also consider the heat dissipation of the refrigerator.

  Range hoods There are many types of range hoods that can be selected on the market. How to choose the right range hood is a problem that everyone cares about now.

  Ms. Zhu from Hu Ding Creative Cabinet introduced that if the kitchen home improvement budget is 1.

For families below 50,000, you can buy a shallow range hood or a sub-deep range hood. The two range hoods are cheaper, but the ability to smoke oil is not strong.

“Boss”, “Shuaikang” and other brands can be purchased, the price is around 800-1000 yuan.

  If the kitchen renovation budget is around 20,000 families, Miss Zhu recommends buying a deep-type range hood. This type of range hood has many styles and can be matched with the color of the kitchen decoration.

  If the decoration is exquisite, the kitchen budget is more than 30,000 families, Miss Zhu said, it is a good choice to buy European-style range hoods and split-type range hoods.

The exterior materials of these range hoods are mostly stainless steel plates and glass, giving a modern and modern feel.

At present, “Siemens”, “Sakura”, “Ou Lin” and other brands of range hoods have this type, the price is ranging from 3,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan. Reminder: Buying range hoods should pay attention to the installation of exhaust pipes, exceptBeyond the beauty, care should be taken to avoid excessive bending of the pipe, as this will affect the effect of the range hood.

  The gas stove, the disinfection cabinet decoration kitchen, the gas stove and the disinfection cabinet are also sloppy.

  The selection of gas stoves should be combined with the overall design and use requirements of the kitchen to select different types of cookers.

At present, the market is dominated by embedded glass panel cookers. The famous brands on the market include Sakura, Shuaikang, Fangtai, Midea, Vantage, and Delight.

Prices range from around 250 yuan to 2,500 yuan.

  The reporter visited the Zhengda Decoration City and Fubon Makailong in the urban area. The current disinfection cabinets are mainly vertical and horizontal. According to the number of cabinet doors, there are single doors and double doors.

Prices range from around 250 yuan to around 1,500 yuan.

The more famous brands on the market include Kangbao, Wanhe, Vantage, and Wanjiale.

  Purchase reminder: When installing the gas stove, remember to punch holes in the cabinet to ensure the airflow is smooth.

Corn is too sweet to reduce liver detoxification

Corn is too sweet to reduce liver detoxification

In the season when corn is on the market, sweet, soft corn has always been a favorite snack for children and many women.

Have you found out that you buy sticky corn to cook home, there is always no sweetness on the street stall, so many people wonder why they can’t buy more “authentic” sticky corn.

However, it has been pointed out that the fragrant and sweet sticky corn is actually added to the “material”.


hzh {display: none; }  家里煮的玉米咋不香?  Now, the streets are selling corn, and the hawkers who produce corn are getting more.

Sweet, soft boiled corn is a small snack that many children and women like.

But a careful reader called to tell reporters about the questions and findings in his heart.

  The woman surnamed Qin said that her 5-year-old son likes to eat corn. Every time she goes out to go shopping or play in the park, she is entangled in the parents to eat boiled corn, and will soon be “killed”.

After the large amount of raw corn was listed, Ms. Qin bought a few raw corn and cooked it for her son. I didn’t expect that my son would say “not sweet and not good” after eating a few mouthfuls.

  She thought she didn’t buy the sweet corn, and then bought the frozen sticky corn. After cooking, the son still felt that it was not sweet.

She asked her friends about the method of cooking corn. Someone told her that peddlers had alkaline noodles and saccharin when they cooked corn, while others said that they were corn-flavored sweeteners.

  After receiving Ms. Qin’s phone call, the reporter randomly asked seven citizens to “buy some kind of cooked corn.”

The answer is basically the same, all the particles are full, the color is bright, sweet and sticky.

At the same time, the reporter also learned that most citizens feel that their own corn is not sweet outside.

  The same corn, cooked out is not the same taste on the afternoon of July 27, in the garden commercial building near several boiled corn vendors, when the reporter asked for the corn they cooked is very sweet, the hawker casually said: “put the sugar.

At about 6 pm on July 28, the reporter found a hawker who is now cooking boiled corn in a Zaozhuangli near Jingsan Road, a coal stove, a large stainless steel pot, and corn hot air in the pot.Teng Teng, a lot of people who go home from work and are buying food, you buy one for me, one for each ear.

5 yuan.

“Buy a cooked one, and then trouble you to give me two students.

Children love to eat, cooked corn is not good for a long time.

“The hawker sees the reporter very polite, and even some reluctant, but still agrees that the raw cooked are sold,” a mature piece of five, two yuan for three.”

  The reporter took the raw and cooked two kinds of corn and returned home. After the raw corn was cooked, the contrast was really different.

In the same family to buy, cooked two corn, the taste is also different: cooked smells have a sweet taste, the color of yellow Cheng Cheng is also particularly bright, take a little sticky on the hand, taste soft, sweet; and at homeThe boiled corn smells a clear fragrance, the color is yellowish, and the taste is slightly harder and not so sweet.

However, the reporter found that the cooked corn that was bought back had a sweet taste of sugar, and some hair was dry after eating.

  The reporter was introduced by a friend and asked a vendor who had sold corn. She said that if the corn is sweet and soft, it needs to be sweetened and cornmeal, especially in winter and early spring.You have to put corn cobs, as for how much to put, all by the vendors themselves.

  The additive content can not exceed the standard of the Department of Nutrition, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Fu Sanxian said that sweetener, corn extract is an additive rather than a food, and it has no nutritional value, and can be used in the process of making food.

However, there are strict dosage requirements, and the dosages added in different foods are also different.

If the dose is exceeded, it will pose a confrontational hazard to the body.

  And some small food stalls on the street, they should not put additives themselves, even if they are placed “automatically defined”, there is no standard for inspection and identification.

If you trace the source, it is the vendor trying to add to the taste of the consumer.

Just like boiled corn, the original taste of the fragrance is very good, no need to be particularly sweet.

Long-term consumption of foods containing sodium saccharin by consumers causes damage to the liver and degrades functions such as detoxification of the liver.