[What food is breast enhancement and weight loss]_ breast enhancement _ weight loss _ how to eat

[What food is breast enhancement and weight loss]_ breast enhancement _ weight loss _ how to eat

Under normal circumstances, women’s breast enhancement and weight loss are two contradictory things. Many people work hard for a long time to finally lose weight, but find that the side has also become smaller. This is not the result they want. In fact, breast enhancement and weight loss can beAt the same time, only female friends need to pay more attention, and some diets need to be more reasonable.

First, breast enhancement weight-loss foods One: Soy foods increase the benefits of soy foods for breast health.

Because isoflavones are contained in soy and processed foods made from soy, this substance can reduce estrogen levels in women and reduce the elimination of complications.

If you eat two meals a day containing soy foods, some tofu, soy milk, etc., will be very beneficial to breast health.

Second, breast enhancement weight-loss foods II: Edible fungus Tremella, black fungus, shiitake mushrooms, Hericium erinaceus, Poria and other foods are natural biological response modifiers, which can enhance the human immune system and prevent cancer.

Studies have shown that eating more edible fungi can add bonus to women’s breast health.

Third, breast enhancement weight-loss food 3: Kelp Kelp is a large edible algae. For women, it not only has health functions such as beauty, hairdressing, weight loss, but also assists in the treatment of breast hyperplasia.

Studies have found that kelp has the effect of reducing breast hyperplasia because it is rich in iodine, which can cause lutealization of ovarian follicles, adjust endocrine disorders, and reduce the risk of breast hyperplasia in women.

Lead: Do you know?

According to research, about one-third of breast diseases are strongly related to diet.

The following list of foods that are most conducive to breast health, sisters and sisters, eat more not only to prevent and treat diseases, but also conducive to healthy breast development!

4. Breast-enhancing weight-loss foods Four: Nuts, seed foods Seeds, nut foods include soy beans and peanuts containing lecithin, protein-rich almonds, walnuts, sesame, etc., which contain a large number of antioxidants, which can suffer from cancerEffect.

In addition, nut and seed foods can increase the body’s replacement of vitamin e, and a rich intake of vitamin e can make tissues more elastic.

5. Breast-enhancing diet foods 5. Fish and seafood yellow croaker, turtle, loach, octopus, octopus, squid, sea cucumber, oyster and kelp, artemisia seed, etc., cause the trace elements necessary for the human body and have a unique protective effect on the breast.

Sixth, breast-enriching diet food Six: milk and dairy products Milk and dairy products are rich in calcium, which is good for breast health.

7. Breast-enhancing weight-loss foods 7. Various fruits, grapes, kiwi, lemon, strawberry, citrus, figs, etc. While allowing women to take in multivitamins, they also get anti-vitamin substances.

8. Breast-enhancing weight-loss foods 8. Reasonable matching of vegetables and staple foods is good for your health. If you eat enough vegetables every day, eat more tomatoes, carrots, cauliflower, pumpkin, garlic, onion, asparagus, cucumber, and loofah.Radish and some green leafy vegetables are very helpful for maintaining the health of the breast.

[How long will the whipped cream be kept open]_How to save_Save time

[How long will the whipped cream be kept open]_How to save_Save time

We use whipped cream as an ingredient in our daily life for making cakes and other desserts. Whipped cream needs to be passed before it can be eaten and made, so we should choose fresh whipped cream.

For things like whipped cream, we’d better use as much as possible. If you send too much, it will not keep fresh, and open cream is not good to keep fresh. It is recommended that you should use up one or two supplements after opening.

How to use milk to make whipping cream is mainly made of milk, and the most commonly used milk is whole milk.

1. Pour a bag of 250ml whole milk into a bowl, then add sugar (white sugar) and stir with a blender for about 2-3 minutes.

2. Add the foam to the stirring place and add it to the refrigerator for about 1 hour, and then take it out every other quarter of an hour or so to stir. This kind of cream is richer and better.

Of course, some people add gelatine solution during the production process, but most of them are sold in the form of gelatine tablets or powder of gelatine, so when adding gelatine solution, it is necessary to mix the gelatine solution with water.

In addition, if you manually stir the milk into a foam state, it is really time-consuming and laborious. It is estimated that you do n’t want to beat it after playing it once, and it will be sour.

How long can the whipped cream be stored after being unsealed? The whipped cream will change its flavor once it is unsealed, so there are two methods for preservation after unsealing: 1. Clip the unsealed whipped cream packaging with a clip, but pay attention to squeezePress the air in the package, you can squeeze the air out, then pinch it, and put it in the refrigerator.

In this process, if you find that the packaging bag or bottle has bulged, it means that the seal is not good.

2. Seal the opened whipped cream and put a fresh-keeping bag on the outside, which can be stored for a long time. If you use the fresh-keeping bag immediately after use, it can be stored for 2 months, and the optimal temperature for the whipped cream is preferablyAbout 0 degrees.

If the temperature is too high, it may liquefy, and if the temperature is too low, nutrition may be lacking. Note that the used whipped cream is generally pale yellow, which is a normal phenomenon, not a deterioration.

[The practice of stewed tofu with leek]_Method of making_Methods Daquan

[The practice of stewed tofu with leek]_Method of making_Methods Daquan

Leek is a vegetable that can aphrodisiac and is popular.

Especially if men often eat leek, they can strengthen their kidneys and kidneys.

Tofu is a vegetarian food. Soy products are rich in nutrients and can prevent many diseases, so most people choose to eat different types of tofu.

There are many ways to make tofu, so what is the practice of tofu stewed with chives?

Leek tofu soup is a home-cooked dish here. Simple leek tofu, without adding extra seasoning, is just a simple stew. Using the scent of leek and the tenderness of tofu, it becomes a perfect home-cooked dish.

Leek is a vegetable that contains a lot of vegetarian fiber. It has a good effect on improving constipation. The nutritional value of tofu is even higher. We have the protein we need. Learn more about the practice of leek tofu soup.

Ingredients: Tofu, 200 grams of chives, 150 grams of auxiliary oil, appropriate amount of salt, appropriate amount of MSG, appropriate amount of soy sauce, appropriate amount of leek tofu soup. Step 1.

Cut the tofu into small pieces, wash the leeks and cut into small pieces for later use.

Put the oil in the pan and fry for one minute. The tofu is set.


After the tofu is shaped, add a small amount of soy sauce to season, then add a spoonful of water, and cook the tofu over low heat, 4.

When the soup is almost finished, add the leeks and stir fry on high heat. After the leeks have changed color, add salt, monosodium glutamate, bring them out of the pan, and serve.

The living conditions of our modern people are getting better and better, and everyone is more and more particular about what they eat. Most people start to pursue big fish and meat, either seafood or barbecue. Common home-style dishes like leek tofu soup are no longer a hotel tableDelicacies will only occasionally appear at home dining tables.

However, the nutritional value of this dish is unmatched by many seafood.

Leek, also known as aphrodisiac, has thick fibers, constipation, conditioning, waist, kidney, and spleen, appetizing, and conditioning.

Leeks have the effect of keeping warm and strengthening the stomach. Its content can promote intestinal peristalsis and help the human body to digest. It can not only prevent and intestinal cancer, but even wrap up some debris in the digestive tract and discharge it out of the body.

Leek has the functions of dispersing blood stasis, promoting blood circulation, and detoxifying. It is beneficial to the human body to lower blood lipids, complications, anemia, sterilization and anti-inflammatory. The sulfur compounds contained in leeks have certain bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects.

Leek contains plant-based fragrances to increase appetite. Elderly, children, pregnant women, etc. eat some spring leek appropriately, which is beneficial to improve health.

Leeks and beef are grams. When eaten together, it is easy to cause poisoning. When eaten with spinach, it is easy to cause diarrhea. When eaten with honey, it may cause heartache.

Leeks contain a large amount of nitrate. If they are cooked for too long, nitrates can be converted into nitrite. People are prone to symptoms of dizziness, nausea, bloating, diarrhea and so on. Therefore, they should not be eaten overnight.

[What foods does a child have a fever]_fever_baby_how to eat

[What foods does a child have a fever]_fever_baby_how to eat

Because the baby’s body structure and organs have not yet matured, they are often eroded by some diseases. Fever is one type, but the baby cannot take medicine casually, but he can also take some fruits to relieve it.

Banana: Can be eaten when your child has a fever, which can increase the child’s appetite and add water.

The main effect is laxative.

Bananas are cold fruits, and flat and cold fruits have a good antipyretic effect. Children with fever can supplement the nutrients in the body.

荸荠: Can retreat with eyesight, cure hemorrhoids, bloody stool.

Preventing meningoencephalitis and hypertension can help treat chronic cough and spitting.

Cold is cold food, which can clear heat and relieve fire, and can also supplement nutrition. It has a very good antipyretic effect for patients at the beginning of fever.

Apples: Apples are flat fruits, and flat and cold fruits are good for antipyretics and add rich nutrients.

Children with fever and apples are good for hydrating and cooling.

Strawberries: sweet and sour, very delicious, and also has a good fire reducing effect.

Chinese medicine believes that eating strawberries can eliminate the fire, clear the heat, relieve fever, and eliminate annoyance.

Pear: It is cold in plough, sweet in taste, able to regenerate, clear heat, and reduce phlegm. It is suitable for the symptoms of wind and cold, fever, thirst in the mouth, yellow cough and phlegm.

[Difference between milk cream and milk cap]_ different points _ difference

[Difference between milk cream and milk cap]_ different points _ difference

Many girls like to drink desserts, especially the new ones, which will try early to see if the charm does not meet their own taste.

When the milk cap was first introduced, many people would have a ring on their lips after drinking, so “white beard” became synonymous with milk cap.

Many girls do not distinguish between milk cream and milk caps. Today I will tell you about the difference between milk cream and milk caps, and how to make matcha milk caps.

Creams, milk caps, and sea salt are common in new teas, and are usually reflected on top of the drink.

These semi-finished products are dairy products with strong and dense flavors, which can well neutralize the bitterness of tea, so as to achieve a balanced taste. Therefore, they are resident semi-finished products in major beverage stores.

First, can you tell the difference between milk cream, milk cap and sea salt?

Milk cream, milk cap, and sea salt are all similar. The difference is that milk cap is made with milk cap powder, while milk cream is made with milk and whipped cream, and sea salt is salted milk cap.

In the market, milk caps are also called milk cream, milk tits, white beard and so on.

Even cheese milk cover tea is also referred to as cheese tea by some brands!

The name “white beard” is also very interesting. In the first two years, the name was particularly popular.

Mainly because the milk cap cup was a big opening at that time, after the customer drank, the milk cap would remain on the upper lips, like a white beard!

Now the cup lid has been modified to make it a very elegant milk cap?
1. Milk cream: It is relatively thin and thin from the taste. It tastes heavy and tastes thick, but it looks thick and practical. It is usually cheese cheese + milk + whipped cream (mainly animal whipped cream) + condensed milk + sugar., So the cost is also relatively high.

2. Milk cap: As the name suggests, it is a cap, which is very heavy, but it is not as delicate as a cream. It is usually sent with a milk cap powder. The holding time is longer than that of a cream.

Milk caps are divided into sweet milk caps and salted milk caps according to the taste. Most of the salted milk caps can reduce the sweetness in the milk caps.

According to the different raw materials used, it is divided into plant single cream and animal whipped cream. Vegetable whipped cream is better than animal whipped cream, and animal whipped cream has a more natural taste.

3. Sea salt: In fact, I do n’t hear much about this name. I saw it on the Internet receipt, so I added it. Sea salt is the salted milk cap, which is the milk cap with sea salt added.

As mentioned above, the more difference is the taste!

It can be easily distinguished after the experience.

2. Attachment: Matcha milk cap method: Matcha part: Mix 100g of matcha powder with 100ml of boiling water, add 5g of fructose, 70ml of boiling water at 70 °, evenly mix with snow, then pour 150g of ice cubesShake the cup evenly and pour into the cup.

Go ice.

There is less space in the milk cap so the matcha will be less.

Milk cap part: Beat 300 g of butter for 5 minutes and pass the evaporated milk (be sure to lift the cream without sinking), then add 1 g of sea salt + 60 g of milk powder + 180 g of milk, beat with a milk cap for 4 minutes (useMilk frother is better, electric whisk is also available!

), Hit a stacking feeling, thick.

Then eliminate bubbles.

Unveil the veil of autumn diarrhea

Unveil the veil of “autumn diarrhea”

Definition of autumn diarrhea Autumn diarrhea, as the name implies, occurs in diarrhea in autumn and winter.
After a child catches a cold, diarrhea often occurs. The stool is like water or egg-flower soup. Most of them have no special stench, and can reach ten times a day.
  Autumn diarrhea is a self-limiting disease, generally no specific treatment, most children will naturally stop diarrhea in a week or so.
In many poor areas where there is a lack of medical care, there is no need for medical treatment. It is only by oral rehydration, and the vast majority of children can recover.
The problem is that when severe vomiting and diarrhea, if the rehydration is not timely, dehydration will occur soon, and the consequences will be more serious.
Popular season Popular season: From September to January of the following year, it is the epidemic season of autumn diarrhea, and October-December is the peak of the epidemic.
  Susceptible people: infants and young children aged 6 months to 3 years old, malnourished, rickets, anemia and frail infants are more likely to get sick, and the condition is serious and the course of disease is longer.
Small babies less than 6 months, due to the mother’s antibody protection, are not susceptible to autumn diarrhea, breast-fed babies, less diarrhea in autumn.
Children over the age of 3, the digestive tract function and immune system gradually mature and mature, and rarely suffer from autumn diarrhea. Even if the disease is sick, the condition will be much lighter and the disease course is short.
Adults also contract autumn diarrhea, but the symptoms are similar to those of children, but the condition is mild and the course is short. It usually heals in 2-3 days.
秋季腹泻的主要特征及表现  秋季腹泻的主要特征:先吐后泻,伴发烧,大便呈水样或蛋花汤样,病程有自限性,即使用药也不能显著改变病程,症状表现:  ①起Acute illness, often accompanied by cold symptoms in the early stage, such as cough, stuffy nose, runny nose, half of the children will also have fever (common in the early stage of the disease), generally low fever, rarely high fever; 2 increased stool frequency, about 10 times a day,More than 3 times should consider autumn diarrhea, stool is white, yellow or green egg-flower soup, with a little mucus or pus and no odor; 3 half of the children will have vomiting.
Most of the symptoms of vomiting occur in the early stages of the disease, usually no more than 3 days.
  4 severe diarrhea can occur dehydration symptoms, such as obvious thirst, decreased urine output, irritability; 5 disease course is self-limiting, the course of disease is generally 5-7 days, malnutrition, rickets and frail patients, diarrhea may take longer.
Rational use of drugs 1 autumn diarrhea is self-limiting, you will be good, timely medication can not significantly shorten the course of the disease, if the rational use of drugs in the early stage, can shorten the course of disease and reduce symptoms.
New Bolin + Smecta + Peifei Kang.
  Autumn diarrhea is caused by a viral infection. Although there is no effective drug for this virus, if you use new Bolin in the early stage, it can inhibit the replication and reproduction of the virus and reduce the number of viruses, thus reducing symptoms and shortening.The course of the disease.
  2 advocate the application of gastrointestinal mucosal protective agent montmorillonite powder (such as Smet 1 gram children’s clothing and Smecta 3 gram), Smet 1 gram children’s clothing 3 times a day, one bag at a time, one bag a gram.
Smecta 3 gram packs need to be taken orally 3 times orally for 3-6 days.
Montmorillonite powder does not enter the blood circulation and is safe to take. After taking it for a few hours, it is excreted with the large intestine. Its main component, natural montmorillonite particles, is highly fixed to the viruses, germs and toxins produced in the digestive tract.It has a strong inhibitory effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa, repairing and improving the defense ability of the mucosal barrier against attack factors.
It has a balanced normal flora and local analgesic effect.
Moreover, montmorillonite does not enter the blood circulation system, has no toxic side effects, and is very safe.
For those with dysbacteriosis, choose micro-ecological preparations such as Pfeiffer, Mommy Love, etc.
Supplement a large amount of vitamin B, improve the function of the gastrointestinal tract, shorten the course of the disease, such as Tongxiao and Bao Likang, as well as the table flying.
Dietary points during diarrhea must not be fasted. On the contrary, encourage children to eat more, but eat small meals.
Only in one case requires fasting, that is, when the child frequently vomits, you need to fast, and you need to go to the hospital to refill the needle.
Mainly liquid and semi-liquid, that is, milk, rice soup, porridge-based, do not eat rotten rice or hard rice for the time being to avoid allergic foods such as seafood, eggs, etc.; do not eat cold, hard, fried and fatfood.
Especially for cold things, stewed apples can stop diarrhea.
Stewed apples are also rich in tannic acid protein, which has an adsorption effect and can stop diarrhea.
  Fried rice soup: Wash the ordinary rice, dry it, fry in a large pot until golden brown, add water to cook porridge, give the child porridge water.
There is also an antidiarrheal effect.
Prevention of autumn diarrhea 1 It is best to breastfeed.
Because breast milk is rich in immunoglobulin, it helps to enhance the immunity of infants and young children. Breast-fed babies have less diarrhea in autumn, which makes the condition much lighter.  2 pay attention to food hygiene, to prevent illness from entering the mouth.

  3 reasonable quantification, regular quantitative, step by step to add complementary food, avoid adding several complementary foods.

  4 Eat less nutritious food, eat more fresh vegetables, supplement vitamin B, and improve rehabilitation.

  5 strengthen physical exercise and enhance physical fitness.

  6 early treatment of malnutrition, rickets, anemia, trace element deficiency, lead poisoning and other chronic diseases.

  Rational use of drugs, do not abuse broad-spectrum antibiotics, the imbalance of normal flora in tandem.

Oral oral micro-ecological regulators, such as Mommy Love, Peifei Kang, Synbiotics, etc., to prevent normal flora imbalance.

  8 implant a rotavirus vaccine.

A 6- to 3-year-old baby is implanted with a live rotavirus vaccine every year to prevent rotavirus diarrhea (autumn diarrhea).

Injected every year from July to September, the fall diarrhea epidemic season, once a year.

Skinny to your screaming New York OL coffee diet

Skinny to your screaming New York OL coffee diet

Have you heard of the New York OL coffee diet?

Just make a cup of coffee and exercise a little, you can quickly lose weight.

Does it feel amazing?

Today, let Xiaobian bring everyone to know about New York OL coffee diet, do not miss the MM who wants to lose weight.

  The principle of coffee diet is to pay attention to the coffee OL. Everyone knows that coffee has a refreshing effect, but do you know that coffee can lose weight?

This is not a joke.

Moderate coffee can promote kidney function, diuretic effect, help the body to transfer excess sodium ions in vitro; and can stimulate gastric acid secretion, promote digestion and absorption.

Coffee can also promote metabolic function, activate the digestive organs, and have great effects on constipation.

It is recommended that MM who wants to lose weight can enjoy a light non-sweetened and companion coffee within 30 minutes to an hour after lunch to promote slight burning.

Before going to work, drink another cup of coffee, and with walking, the effect of slimming is better.

  The coffee diet method implements three tips.

No sugar: Some MM drink coffee and add a bunch of sugar cubes, which will even hinder the temporary decomposition, and also cause blood sugar to rise, so that you drink more and more fat.

If you think that pure coffee is too bitter, you can add a small amount of milk, but you can’t add sugar, otherwise there will be no weight loss.


Hot coffee is more effective than iced coffee: hot coffee can stimulate the stomach to secrete stomach acid, promote digestion and absorption, prevent slight accumulation in the body, and can help you restore the body to consume the body’s transformation.

Remember to drink hot coffee in the future.


Choose lightly roasted coffee: coffee with a high baking temperature, less caffeine, and less effective weight loss.

The slightly lighter American coffee acidity Celsius is more beneficial to lose weight.

  Weight loss preferred black coffee a cup of 100 grams of black coffee only 2.

The speed of 55 kcal.

Drinking coffee has a low transition and can effectively break down cockroaches.

In addition, black coffee also has a diuretic effect, which can effectively prevent body edema.

Often infused with black coffee, it can clear up the body toxins, making you more and more slender.

MM who is not afraid of suffering tries to drink black coffee, but do not exceed 3 cups a day, so that the nerves are too excited and sleep is easy at night.

  Coffee grounds massage, weight loss, cooked coffee grounds, do not waste, it can be used to massage all parts of the body, not only can make the skin more compact, but also promote blood circulation, accelerate the slight decomposition.

MM that wants to lose weight can be blended with a proper amount of coffee powder and a proper amount of massage oil to spirally press the thighs and other areas that are thinner. Coffee powder can promote blood circulation, avoid cellulite, and make skin such as thighs tighter.real.

Alzheimer’s disease: future social epidemics


Alzheimer’s disease: future social epidemics

According to statistics from European and American countries, 6%-12% of the elderly over 60 years old have dementia, and 20%-40% of the elderly over 85 years old have dementia, and more than half of them are senile dementia.

According to statistics, more than 20 million people worldwide are included in Alzheimer’s disease.

  Recently, 109 doctors from 10 centers in 6 cities across the country took the lead in the epidemiological survey of 42890 elderly people.

The results of the survey indicate that the complication of dementia in residents over 65 years of age in northern Croatia is 6 .

9%, of which senile dementia is 4.

2%, vascular dementia is 1.


Reproduction of dementia in residents over 65 years old in southern China.

9%, of which senile dementia is 2.

8%, vascular dementia is 0.


It is estimated that there are more than 4 million elderly patients with dementia, of which about one-third of senile dementia.

In 2000, the population of over 60 years old reached 1.

3 billion, accounting for 10% of the total population; by 2020 will reach 2.

3 billion, accounting for more than 20% of the total population.

The increasing number of elderly people has led to a significant increase in the number of patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

  It is predicted that by 2030, the number of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease worldwide will reach 60 million, and there will be 12 million in a year alone.

Sports fattening must seize three absolute points

Sports fattening must seize three absolute points

The use of exercise to gain weight is a relatively effective method for boys who are thin.

In fact, exercise fattening is greener, lower carbon, and the effect is very good compared to other methods of fattening.

So, do you want to gain weight, do you know the main points of exercise fattening?

Do not know, then do not blindly exercise, and finally the body is deformed, but also affect the progress of their own fattening.

  Let’s take a look at the three main points we need to grasp during the exercise fattening process.

  1, with food and nutrition special supplements are a type of food specially designed for the quality and physiological functions of the special diet.

The special effects products for the thin people can meet their energy needs, and the added immunity can enhance the immunity of the lean people.

  Special effects can be well digested by the poor physiological path of the wasted population, but will not increase the metabolic burden.

On the basis of diet and exercise, it can effectively achieve the purpose of health, safety and scientific weight gain.

  2, increase the calorie intake any gain, you must let the calories eaten more than the calories burned.

The excess degeneration of 5,500 kcal per stack, in theory, can help you add about a kilogram of meat during this exercise.

  3, military muscle training does not do muscle exercise, at least should also do intense exercise, otherwise the increased weight will pile up into a child, can not be transformed into muscle.

The muscles are trained to eliminate excess calories and become a constituent of the muscles.

The general aerobic exercise will burn out the excess calories inside the body, but it will not achieve the purpose of weight gain.

When doing muscle training, focus on the skeletal muscles of the trunk and limbs.

  The above is the three elements of exercise and fattening, we must grasp it well, don’t forget it.

If you go to the gym yourself, then ask a professional coach to guide you to improve your weight.

What do obese old people pay attention to when exercising?

What do obese old people pay attention to when exercising?

Obesity is the accumulation of too many aunts in the human body, while exercise increases the body’s consumption of aunts.

Therefore, exercise is a good “slimming agent” for obese people.

However, the elderly with obesity often have coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, physical obesity, and awkward movements; in addition, weight loss and enthusiasm, excessive exercise, resulting in serious complications for the elderly.

Obese elderly people should pay attention to the following matters during exercise: First, regular check of the body, especially for elderly obese people with coronary heart disease, pay special attention to the contrast observation of ECG; secondly, avoid separate exercise, be accompanied by someone, or be familiar with it.Sports partners in health situations.

Keep a health record card and a first-aid health kit with you to get a quick understanding of your condition in an emergency and get it right away.

  In addition, to master the amount of exercise, it is advisable to use Tai Chi, walking, qigong and other generally lightweight exercises.

At the same time, note that the heart rate after exercise does not exceed 80% of the limit heart rate of the same age group.

  When the elderly with high blood pressure exercise, they must not lose weight and eager to seek success, increase the amount of exercise at will, exercise weight loss should be combined with proper control of diet, and at the same time pay attention to prevent hypoglycemia.