[Can eating okra lower blood sugar]_okra_high blood sugar_diet conditioning

[Can eating okra lower blood sugar]_okra_high blood sugar_diet conditioning

Okra is a relatively slender vegetable-like ingredient, and its taste is also more interesting. It feels smooth and sweet.

The consumption of okra has the effect of lowering blood sugar, because its mucus contains easy fiber, which can reduce the body’s absorption of glucose.

First, hypoglycemic okra contains a high amount of mucus. Studies have found that mucus is rich in soluble fiber. If gum, gum arabic, molecular weight methyl cellulose, etc. can prevent the digestion of glucose and reduce the absorption of glucose, it is speculatedReduce blood sugar after a meal.

The okra grain contains about a large amount of essential amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids required by the human body. Studies have shown that the okra grain and pod peel inhibit the α-glucoside and α-amylase, which can delay the relaxation of the digestion.

Second, lipid-lowering studies have found that the combination rate of fiber and bile of okra is higher than that of other vegetables, such as asparagus, green beans, carrots, and cauliflower, which can reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the diet.

Another reason may be that okra extract can interfere with liver cholesterol synthesis and achieve the purpose of lowering blood lipids.

The okra we usually eat is generally divided into two, there are green okra and yellow okra, then these two okra belong to the mallow family.

Eating okra for a long time can always protect our organs, and at the same time, it has great complications for our gastrointestinal motility and absorption. It can also help us lose weight, lower blood sugar, and help improve our physique.